Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2nd dia

Hello all. This is Mitch, just updating the blog right now. Its raining quite hard right now here in beautiful Costa Rica. So much stuff has happened in the two days that we've been here. Things from Skittles in the shower to Rich getting attacked by kids. Phil had a run in w the ground here and there. There is so much to tell but so little time.

Our projects for this first week have been pretty construction oriented although many people play with the local kids. We have been working on this abandoned building to turn it into a community center for the kids. Jeff, Chris, Corey, and I have been running new electrical wires in this building and others have been painting and cleaning up. Jesus has really shown himself in many of the children, but He has also shown us how blessed we are when we walk through these communities where these people live. The small houses, iron bars over everything, and trash in the street all remind us of how good we really have it in the US of A. It was definitely a sobering experience.

We haven't had too many problems so far although we had a couple flat tires that delayed our departure from various places. Last night we went to la ViƱa este for small group. It was AMAZING. We were all packed in a room with alot of young people and it was so fun to interact with them. The best part for me was definitely the worship. It was so refreshing and warming to see and hear people from all walks of life and different languages singing out to their creator that loves us no matter what. It was such a powerful night. Jason and Steph both shared testimonies in front of the group and they were so impactful for all of us.

We are about to go worship with our group right now. I'll try to upload more pictures soon.


Also: The cockroach count is now up to 16 killed and 27 MIA.

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