Wednesday, July 2, 2008

MP3 players and crazy kids

Can I just say how impressed I am with everyone else{s posts? i can{t figure out how to ype any of the things i want to type. they do have an ñ key, which is cool though. but i cannot figure out the apostrophes for anything! Even if I can{t type it, turns out I can speak it okay! Well enough to get more towels for our room and to tell our driver we{re sorry about his flat llanta (tire).

Anyway, I wanted to add that Juanita, Jenny and I spent about 6 hours today going through boxes and boxes (cajas y mas cajas, if you will) of mp3 players that had apparently been returned to some manufacturer (digimax) and then re gifted to Funda Vida for their use. We hd to go through and try to find ones that were still usable. And it seriously took us like 6 hours, sitting it a hot, dusty room sifting through dirty dusty boxes to find maybe 50 that worked out of 500. Its all for Jesus though! Really, they needed someone to do it, and it was way better than being attacked by punk kids. It wouldn{t have been so bad if there had been running water anywhere...

¿ñ (my new enemies on this keyboard)

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