Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Heart La Cucharachas!

Before we embark on day 3... I wanted to update you all on day 1 and day 2. The one thing I was looking forward to was real authentic Costa Rican food. I immediately got my wish! We went to this place that looked just like Wal Mart and they had a food cafeteria. My first meal of choice in this great country was Pizza Hut.... wow... Supreme Pizza tasted so delicious that we even decided to have it for dinner! ARIBA!!! Seriously though, I do have my fears... I didn't realize that hot dogs were made to go into scrambled eggs. Weird.

There have been many great and funny stories so far. Rich getting attacked by the muchachos... the girls getting attacked by the la cucharachas, etc, but this trip has provided sooo much more almost immediately.

The enemy certainly did attack and he attacked from the beginning with canceled flights, delayed flights, luggage not showing up for days, and attacks from the muchachos. But in those tough moments, the Lord has also provided some incredible moments. I was blessed with being able to share a quick version of my testimony. I shared about my grandma, school, and salvation. I spoke the times I wanted to quit... how I kept God at a far distance. Afterwards, a kid name Tino came to me with a translator. He said that the Lord had spoken to him through my words. He also was raised by his grandma and felt a deep connection to what I had to say. Only Tino's story was much different. Tino was beaten by his grandma because of his faith. He was kicked out and left homeless. Time after time the Lord had rescued him from the tragedies of life. At the end he kept hugging me and saying thank you. My story was nothing if not boring compared to his... it was Jesus who spoke to him.

Our mission is to serve Christ, it is the application part of that mission that I have found to be so difficult. Walking through this slum, I couldn't help but be overcome with a sense of hopelessness. You look at their faces and want to cry... you see that they wake up each day just to survive. Jesus said that wherever two or three of us gather, so there is he. So what seems hopeless is certainly not. Jesus is present... so there is hope. Pray that this hope goes to each person that feels no hope in this country.

Bless you all,


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Jenny Meyer said...

Yason-Thanks for the update! It is so clear that the Lord is using you & transforming your heart in the process. So wonderful, dear friend!!
blessings from up North,
la gringa con el nombre Yenny :)