Friday, July 4, 2008

So What Has Jesus Done Lately?

Last night was probably the night that I saw Jesus more clearly than any other since arriving in Costa Rica. Alvaro, one of the Funda Vida leaders, asked a few of us to attend a funeral. Alvaro leads a high school small group and the mother of one of the girls in his small group had passed away. She was 30 years old, had 4 children, and was one of 12 children herself. I have personally been to maybe two funerals in my life that I can remember, so needless to say, this was a stretch for me.

A couple of nights ago, I think maybe the first night that I was here, I vividly had a dream of a man crying... if you would have asked me Monday night, I probably could have described the vision of this man to a tee. When I walked into the funeral home, this man that I had dreamed about was the widow of the woman who had died.... I just froze in my feet and it was as if my tongue and thoughts froze to that moment in time. I was a little scared... a little freaked out.

We gathered near the coffin with about 50 family members and friends of the woman. The widow asked us to pray as we all joined hands. Monica had never prayed before in Spanish, but the Lord blessed her and she was amazing. Chris followed with the closing prayer and he also did an incredible job.

The widow shook each of our hands and thanked us for coming. I still had no words...I shook his hand and touched his shoulder and simply said in my heart, "Jesus". Although language was a barrier, the love of Christ is not. What cannot be communicated verbally, certainly can through our Savior. I think this is one of the most important lessons I have learned thus far... that love comes from the heart.. respect comes from the heart.. service comes from the heart... words are just secondary.

In fun news....

1) Felipe has befriended a cucarcha and has created a cage for him. La cucharacha se llama es Pedro.

2) No attack from the muchachos yesterday. We were imprisoned to the Funda Vida building and they circled, but no attacks.

3) Mitch and I have created "Operation Skittles" and the operation starts very soon

4) Renee ate raw chicken for dinner last night and Mitch ate octopus... both equally gross

5) It has rained every day since we arrived

6) Guanabanana is the most delicious ice cream in the world.

7) I saw for the first time a car alarm that lasted 45 minutes

8) There is a bird outside our window that sounds like the theme from Psycho

9) Rats like to worship

10 Ask Monica about her drug commercial plans.


renee.c.lawrence said...

Jason, the last part of your blog literally made me laugh out loud. Oh man, good times.

Jenny Meyer said...

Jason-man I love your blogs. What an incredible story-Jesus is truly making an even better man out of you.

Also-another reason we are dud & tool-guanabana ice cream IS the best thing ever created!! I am glad you agree. :)