Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hello everyone!

It has been an exciting first day. This afternoon we worked at 25 de Julio (which in spanish translates to July 25th). It's an abandoned building that Vine del Este has prayed for. It will be made into a communitty center for everyone in and around the area. The hope is to have people come and take dance lessons, learn computer skills, receive counseling, and things of the like. In the midst of it all they will be taught the gospel and hear hope for their lives.
Today we did some minor repairs on the building. The rest of our time was spent at a basketball court where los ninos play. We brought a soccer ball and soon after many families were out with their children. It was a great experience to be able to talk with them and play with these kids. I got to talk to a few mothers with infants and toddlers. They all seem weary, but at the same time hopeful. Please pray for these mothers and their babies.
I met two boys, Dillan and Joshua, they kicked my butt at soccer. To be expected.


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Jenny Meyer said...

Renee-it sounds wonderful!! Oh...how I miss CR. Kiss it for me! :)