Thursday, July 10, 2008

Millipedes can swim....

First I'd like to say that the giant millipede that Jason flushed down our toilet returned 2 days later. It was a nice surprise. None of us knew millipedes could swim.... now we know.

Next, I'd like to share that Costarican children are a ball of fun. It has been such a great blessing to teach and play with the little ninos. In the toddler class today we only had 2 boys, around the ages of 3 and 4. We ran out of ideas to entertain them, bubbles, balloons, and facepainting got boring real quick. We brought them upstairs to play tag. One of our boys, Daniel, was hysterical. He was so animated. We brought him upstairs to play and then he saw a bunch of older children running toward him and Daniel bolted to the other end of the church and ran out the door. It was so funny. All we saw next was his mom pick him up and bring him back in, haha.

We had the kids party yesterday at the church. Cory was the balloon master. He spent hours making balloon animals for the 160 children that showed up. We had a nail painting/facepainting station, bracelette making, and sports.

And yes, we almost died in the car today. (Steph's blog below)

A couple days ago we went to Jaco beach. Oh my goodness. Words cannot describe how beautiful it is. Mountains on one side and beach on the other. Jenny and I spent 2 straight hours attacking waves. We're fighters.

I'll leave the rest of our recent adventures to the other folks on the team.
Buenos Noches everyone!! :) Cant wait to see everyone when I get home. Miss you all!


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Jenny Meyer said...

oh the kids party...!!! So much fun...balloons, nail painting, football & tons of adorable children! glad you are having fun & so glad you got to surf-God is sooo many ways!
can't wait to see all of you & hear all about it!