Sunday, July 6, 2008

Million Dollar Smiles

Yesterday was another day in which the Lord moved more powerfully than the day before. I experienced two more events that I shall never forget... two great events in which the Lord moved so powerfully. It had nothing to do with getting hit in the face by Rich's shoe as he attempted to kill a cucaracha... it had nothing to do with the millipede that visited the girls.... and it had nothing to do with me winning Slap (again I say... boo yeah!).

Abby Jarvis, Monica, Rich and I delivered supplies to two homes in the La Vina Este community. The first dwelling that we went to was the home of Maria Theresa. An old woman who had a million dollar smile even with the absence of teeth. She just kept smiling and I thought to myself, "how"? Look around you... how can you smile!! Then the Holy Spirit came... and it was clear that for her it wasn't about possessions... she was responding to the love of Christ that she felt in that room through Monica... through Rich... through Abby. We were able to pray for her because she was frightened. She is having cataract surgery on July 13 and is afraid she will go blind. She is also fearful for her son's life... the sone that has been diagnosed with cancer.

The second home we went to was a family that had a sick baby. Abby and I sat on the bed of this precious 10 month old child and began to pray. As we did so the baby Eileen opened her eyes... beautiful big brown eyes... and just stared... then she reached out her hand. When I took it, she smiled. I don't think I have ever experienced Jesus more powerfully in a moment than that. From a near cry to a smile... my heart never melted in an instant as it did in that moment.

Again it just goes to show you that the work of Jesus Christ is more than printed words... its more than just spoken words... Jesus Christ can be shared in a touch... a smile through anyone at anytime as Chris Traut shared. I prayed for baby Eileen, but she ministered to me.

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