Saturday, July 5, 2008

A memorable 4th of July

Last night our group went to the worship conference (read Jason's blog below), and it was so powerful. The Holy Spirit moved in so many different ways, but what I found most incredible was that God touches people in the same way in Costa Rica as he does where I've seen Him move in the U.S. That's how it's undoubtable that it is the same God because people are affected with the same gifts and are touched in biblical ways all around the world. I've never been to a worship conference outside of the United States, it was amazing. As I was worshiping the gift of tongues just poured out of my mouth. I couldnt stop it, I couldnt control it, I didn't know what I was saying, all I knew was that I could embrace it and know that God was in me. I've never had it as powerful as this before. There was a girl that does artwork as her form of worship. Before the conference started she had a blank canvas and during the songs she painted, it was so pretty.

Vina del Este (where we had the conference) is breathtaking. It's on a mountain and looks over the rainforest. An hour before the conference we all stood looking over the ledge and listened to the birds and the different sounds, as well as did O H I O with our bodies... it was definitely necessary.

That's all for this morning! Buenos Dias!


p.s. the food is still amazing.
and our cockroach death rate is some where around 25.

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Jenny Meyer said...

Renee-please kiss the ground of Vina del Este for me...I miss it!! :)