Thursday, July 3, 2008

When Kids Attack...(part 1)

Yesterday started the same as Monday. The team got up, ate some breakfast - scrambled eggs with hotdogs and cheese and beans a rice with fresh pineapple (deeee-licious) - then we headed to the abandoned building which we are working to convert to a community center for the local kids. We got quite a bit of work done on Monday, so yesterday we just had some painting to do and some electrical wiring to take care of. Needless to say I am no electrician so my choices were painting or going out into the community to play with the kids. I chose the latter. This first encounter went over smoothly. We entered the park with a football (that's a soccer ball for you gringos) and played a pick-up game with the local kids. Team U.S. pulled out a stunning victory with the score of 8 to 7. Careful not to give us too much credit, they were between the ages of 8 and 10, so mostly we were just bullies. We proceeded to go back to the community center for some lunch and then it was back to the pitch (the field) for round two. Unfortunately round two would not end so well.

The game was going along smoothly - there were about five kids playing - and then a boy of about 12 showed up and things quickly went awry. When we attempted to leave the boys would have none of it and tried to steal our basketball and soccer ball. I took the soccer ball and headed back towards the community center holding it like the precious cargo that it was. When the boys realized that they could not pry the ball from my hand they proceeded to jump on my back and one of them stole my hat. Meanwhile Phil, who was not holding a ball, was attacked and the boys were going after Monica because she held the basketball. Finally we arrived back at the community center, I took my hat back from the kid, and we entered the building thinking we had arrived at a safe point. Little did we know that it was only the beginning....

Tune in for part 2, hopefully later tonight, but realistically whenever I have time.

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