Friday, July 4, 2008

Female Electricians?

We are about to embark on our last day working on the community center. It has been such a great experience to take part in preparing this center for the local people. I feel blessed to have worked with Alvaro and Eladio, they are both amazing men of God and bring such encouragement to my life, and I'm sure to the lives of our team.

Yesterday was great, we got a lot accomplished. Monica, Juanita, Emily and I are official electricians. We wired over 3 outlets, just the four of us. We're pretty much awesome. The team all together also finished every room with painting. Hooray!

I lost my bible and journal for a period of time. Last night I went to the front desk to see if they had found it. I said "Buscas mi bible", which translates to "you look my bible". haha! And then the desk clerk said, "Did you lose your bible?" I felt so embaressed, I didnt know he spoke english! He hadn't seen it. I went back to the room and checked my handy dandy spanish-english book and found that "to find" was encantrar. So this morning I asked the ladies in the kitchen (nicely this time) if they had found my bible. They had it on top of their fridge, I was so thankful.

This evening we have the worship conference. Please keep the event in your prayers. I know God will do amazing things tonight, He always does.

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