Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How to Make a Costa Rican girl dance with you (ojitos lindos)

Mitch, our ladies man/electrician/worship leader/surfer/... merengue dancer?

"What's the difference between merengue and salsa?" he asks. Seven words from Mitch was all it took to get on the dance floor with our 24-year-old law-school graduate leading lady.
"It's all in the hips."
"What do you mean?" he innocently replies.
"I'll show you."

At the beach, it only took a surfboard in hand. At the worship conference, it may have been the guitar. We'll never know. But at the fruit stand in rural Costa Rica, unbeknownst to us all, Mitch's cute little eyes were working their magic over Melissa as he ordered his breakfast - casado con huevos y jamon.

The following evening, only after having shown Michael (our driver) the incriminating photo of the aforementioned merengue incident, it was revealed to us that Melissa had in fact given Michael her number to give to the one with the "ojitos lindos."

One would expect to have a language barrier when traveling in a foreign country. However, the language of love transcends the vast expanse between our two languages and between the Americas. Yet beneath the scraps of paper with countless phone numbers and emails and birthdays lies the infatuation with the idea of civil law mixed with salsa dancing.

Hips don't lie.

Written by Steph with help from Chris (gmail bffs)


Jenny Meyer said...

HAHAAAA! What an incredible story! Mitch-you crack me up!-working your magic on las mujeres bonitas. I think your new nick name is "ojitos lindos." I can't stop grinning. :) Steph & Chris-thanks for sharing this with the rest of us!!!
we're going salsa dancing (not merengue) this weekend-but it won't be the same as there! Man-they can dance, can't they?!
:) Yenny

D-Renn said...

Kudos to Mitch for spear-heading the "international relations" committee. ;-)