Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Time of Our Lives

24 hours left in what has been the journey of a lifetime... its a journey that has changed the way our hearts beat and our minds think. A journey that has included sadness, joy, and an overwhelming sense of hope that is through Jesus alone. It has included a bond between the teammates and a bond to the communities that we have served that is cherished. The feeling is that we have known each other forever.

As we wrapped up our time at La Vina del Este it was on our hearts to go and pray once again for Maria Theresa. Monica, Rich, Phil, Catalina and I walked down to Maria Theresa's home and she was soooo excited to see us. Again, Maria Theresa is the old woman who is having cataract surgery and fears blindness. We also prayed for her son who is suffering from cancer. She then told us that her daughter, Olga, had bone problems and would soon be paralyzed. We prayed for her for a long time... she told us how she lays in bed crying every night because of the pain in her family. It was so heart breaking to hear her words... but at the same time very optomistic because Jesus was plastered everywhere in her little dwelling.

So that's all I really remember from the past three days... seeing as how I have been under the influence of some drugs (legal... I think).

In other news... here are some other highlights of the trip.

Conversation with Renee
J: Hey look that car is from Florida... that's a long drive! Maybe they shipped it.
R: Or they took the ferry
J: A ferry across the Gulf of Mexico?
R: (Realizes the dumb comment and laughs hysterically)

Rich orders 2 number 1's at Burger King thinking he ordered 1 number 1 large size

Cramming 15 people, 2 guitars, a tool box, 3 donkeys, a chicken, and a 3-legged goat into a small van... we looked like circus clowns

Mitch's dream to move to Costa Rica because a cougar danced with him

Corey whacking himself in the eye with wire strippers

Manuel (man old enough to live in the days of Moses) took us on a 3 hour tour.... a 3 hour tour... in that small van... yeah we got lost

Seeing the largest KFC of my life.... seriously... it was massive! But it smelled like monkey poo

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D-Renn said...

Praise Jesus for His work in and through you guys! I'm looking forward to hearing many more stories once you get back. May the Lord bless you in your travels tomorrow - we'll see you at the airport!